Impact Training Program Advisor—Dr. Paul Wright

Dr. Paul Wright, head Olympic Track Coach, at the 2012 London Olympics

Dr. Paul Wright, head Olympic Track Coach, at the 2012 London Olympics


Our training sessions are created by our Impact Mental Performance staff with the help of our very own former Head Olympic Track Coach, Dr. Paul Wright. A native of London, England Dr. Wright has extensive experience working with every sport you can imagine. 

Anyone that meets Paul, raves about his enthusiasm for what he does. Dr. Wright, a certified Sports Psychologist at Lindenwood University (St. Charles, Missouri) brings a level of legitimacy few organizations across the country can offer. His expertise and consultation set the benchmark for our mental training standard. We are thrilled to have him as part of our team. Check out Dr. Wright's Ted Talk below...

We offer:

1) Individual Training

2) Group Training

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1) Most people believe that you should not seek help on the mental side of your performance until you are at rock bottom. Much like pitchers in baseball do "pre-hab" (pre-rehabilitation, essentially workouts to prevent you from getting hurt) that same concept can be applied to the mental side of your game. If you are intentional about equipping yourself with the right mental skills, you drastically reduce your chances of getting hurt mentally!

2) Only mentally weak people seek out Mental Performance training. Some of the best athletes in the world, including olympic athletes, regularly work on mental training. 

3) You can't enjoy yourself when working on the mental side of your performance. We take our training very seriously at Mental Performance, but sometimes the best way to compete is by learning to enjoy what you do again! This is very different for everyone, but we take pride in figuring out just what exactly gets you at your best.